Support Services

We have highly motived and experienced consultants who provide an informed, impartial and professional consulting service to students wishing to study overseas. From course selection to institute selection, enrollment to visa process, in a word every stage of admission process we assist thousands of students from all over the world in achieving their academic goals. We employ all of our assets and expertise to ensure results for our clients,A perfect combination of exceptional quality, affordable price, complete customer satisfaction is our key business strategy. Check out our key services.


Study in abroad is very challenging. Some people think getting student is very hard. However, the hardest part starts when you touch down in your country of study. Challenge starts from the first day. The key challenges of study in abroad are


• Culture shock

•  Homesickness

• Language barrier

• Styles of living

• Financial matter


However, the key motivation of study aboard is to boast your career and Pacific Admission Services we help you to overcome all the difficulties while you studying in abroad.


Support Services

We provide various support services to international students to settle in Australia. Our services include

• Arrange accommodation

• Cheap flights

• Airport pick up in certain cities

• Assist in searching part time job

• Internship

• Travel and Excursions

• Introduction to local community

• Mentoring


This is another effort to motivate international students to overcome homesickness and cultural shock. Follow our Facebook page and group to find various important information, share your experience with others.